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Feb 2020 - Volume 11, Issue 1
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Feb 2020 - Volume 11, Issue 1
Deadline: 15 Mar 2020
Notification: 15 Apr 2020
Publication: 29 Apr 2020

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Title : Writing Quality Requirements (SRS): An Approach To Manage Requirements Volatility
Authors : Ranjana Rajnish, Prof. (Dr.) Harsh Dev, Rajnish Vyas
Keywords : Requirement Engineering, Characteristics of Quality requirements, Requirements Volatility, SRS, Requirement guidelines
Issue Date : June 2010
Abstract :
Quality requirements, that form a major sub-category of requirements, define a broad set system-wide attributes such as security, performance, usability and scalability. Unfortunately, many organizations pay less attention to quality requirements & assume that the necessary qualities are implicitly understood & will naturally emerge as the product is developed.
In this paper, we would try to address important questions related to role of quality requirements in the software development lifecycle, and techniques for managing them effectively. Also, we would find out as to what happens when requirements are not managed? and suggest some practices to write quality requirements. The purpose is to make the community specifying the requirements understand requirements defects that have been made in the past. Hopefully, it also helps to avoid similar mistakes in the future.
Page(s) : 28-37
ISSN : 0976-5166
Source : Vol. 1, No.1