Call for Papers 2024

Dec 2023 - Volume 14, Issue 6
Deadline: 15 Nov 2023
Publication: 20 Dec 2023

Feb 2024 - Volume 15, Issue 1
Deadline: 15 Jan 2024
Publication: 20 Feb 2024




Title : An Access Control Framework for Grid Environment
Authors : Seema, Sarbjeet Singh, Dolly Sharma
Keywords : Grid computing, security, authorization, access control and Access Control Framework.
Issue Date : Dec 2011-Jan 2012
Abstract :
Grid infrastructures provide an environment for high performance computing by combining heterogeneous, widely distributed computational resources into a single cohesive computing infrastructure. One of the key goals of grid computing infrastructure is to provide an environment where users can share resources across heterogeneous domains. In such an infrastructure security is the major concern. Security itself is composed of various sub-issues like authentication, authorization, single sign-on, data integrity, confidentiality etc. Authorization deals with the issue like who is authorized to access which resource and under what condition i.e. controlling access to resources based on conditions. An authorization system must address different concerns like scalability, fine-grain access control, context based authorization, continuous decision enforcement. This paper proposes an authorization framework which addresses above issues in making access decision on the resource. This paper also discusses a prototype implementation of the framework and results show that framework is workable and addresses all issues related to authorization and access control.
Page(s) : 937-948
ISSN : 0976-5166
Source : Vol. 2, No.6