Call for Papers 2024

Dec 2023 - Volume 14, Issue 6
Deadline: 15 Nov 2023
Publication: 20 Dec 2023

Feb 2024 - Volume 15, Issue 1
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Publication: 20 Feb 2024




Title : VCZRP: Enhancing Performance of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Virtual Coordinates
Authors : Basetty Mallikarjuna, Dr.p Venkata Krishna
Keywords : multihop, bandwidth, virtual coordinates, zone routing protocol
Issue Date : Apr-May 2012
Abstract :
Ad hoc networks are wireless networks where mobile nodes relay on each other to keep network connected without help of pre-existing infrastructure or centralized control. These are characterized by dynamic topology caused by node mobility, multihop wireless connectivity and limited bandwidth, and potentially large scale makes routing as challenging problem in these systems. The key challenge in the design of ad hoc networks is the development of dynamic routing protocols that can efficiently find routes between two communicating nodes. To address these various routing protocols are existing like ondemand routing, geographical routing. These protocols require availability of location information and suffer from poor routing performance and severe dead end problems. Existing, Virtual Coordinate Systems perform routing without location information using virtual coordinate vector at each node which is calculated using predefine landmark nodes. But these systems have the problem of updating the virtual coordinates because of frequent topological changes causing considerable overhead. Proposed system uses virtual coordinate system with ZRP (Zone Routing Protocol) aspects. Also, by using VC Id instead of virtual coordinate vector for node updations can reduce wastage of network bandwidth.
Page(s) : 298-303
ISSN : 0976-5166
Source : Vol. 3, No.2