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Title : Knowledge Driven HealthCare Decision Support System using Distributed Data Mining
Authors : P.T.Kavitha, Dr.T.Sasipraba
Keywords : Decision Support Systems, Distributed Data Mining, Healthcare providers
Issue Date : Jun-Jul 2012
Abstract :
this paper focuses on a web based decision support system which is based on distributed data mining and designed for the healthcare industry. Innumerable Decision Support Systems are prevailing in the market to cater the needs of the various industries based on various purposes. The importance of any Decision Support System resides on the quality of information it provides compared to other information system which leads to take effective decision making. As most of the records in the healthcare industry are maintained manually, the use of Electronic Health Records is introduced recently which will enable the user to have a clear idea about the service he/she wants to utilize. Since it takes a lot of time to retrieve the information from the manually maintained records, use of Electronic Health Records plays a major role in the Healthcare industry. The present Decision Support Systems concentrate on the administration part of the Healthcare industry, their features support the physical practitioner, nurses, pharmacists, administrative personnel. The patients who are the main players in the healthcare industry are mainly concentrated for mapping their behaviour, and whether they will come back to the health care service provider again or not. The decision system which is presented here gives much importance for the patients and will be acting as a framework which can be included in the services provided by the hospitals. The feedback of the patients can rank the healthcare service provider and to improve the quality of their service.
Page(s) : 464-469
ISSN : 0976-5166
Source : Vol. 3, No.3