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Title : Predictive congestion control mechanism for MANET
Authors : S. Subburam, P. Sheik Abdul Khader
Keywords : Ad hoc Networks, Congestion, AODV, PCCAOV
Issue Date : Oct-Nov 2012
Abstract :
In adhoc networks connection failure between source and destination often occurs, due to mobility of nodes. After every failure the connection between source and destination gets disconnected.The problem is while sending data packets from source to destination, there is a possibility of occurring congestion at any node incurring high packet loss and long delay, which cause the performance degradation of a network. This paper presents predictive congestion control routing protocol for wireless Ad-hoc networks called as PCCAODV. Unlike traditional AODV, predictive congestion index of a node as the ratio of current queue occupancy over total queue size at node level. Based on a congestion index, PCCAODV utilizes the upstream nodes and down stream nodes of a congested node and initiates route finding process Bi-directionally to find alternate non congested path between them for transmitting data. Suppose that the process find more non congested multipaths and decides a finest single path for transmitting data. The protocol is implemented and simulated using Ns-2 simulator. Performance comparisons of the proposed PCCAODV protocol against AODV is presented and shown that the proposed algorithm performs well.
Page(s) : 640-651
ISSN : 0976-5166
Source : Vol. 3, No.5