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Jun 2020 - Volume 11, Issue 3
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Title : Collision Detection and Avoidance in Railways Using WiMAX
Authors : Anjali Jain, Dr. Neeraj Tyagi
Keywords : ACD (Anti Collision Device), GPS, Absolute Block System etc, CabSignalling, WiMAX.
Issue Date : Dec 2012-Jan 2013
Abstract :
As we have already seen that the railway has done a lot of efforts for collision avoidance and accidents prevention. Several techniques have been developed for avoiding such hazardous loss of life and property. In this paper we have proposed an approach using latest 4G technology WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) i.e. IEEE802.16e standards for preventing train accidents. The approach helps the train to know the location of its own with the help of Fixed WiMAX base stations whose position is known. The approach doesn’t require extra GPS service for the purpose calculating location like existing railway system uses. The WiMAX base station and the train (mobile stations) contribute in sending the information to the trains whenever a train comes in its vicinity and range. The trains will be equipped with WiMAX enabled laptops/Tablets for communicating with others. The speed location and distance of other trains will be known in advance to make safe from being part of some mishap. The technique will be more efficient and beneficial for avoiding situations like collision and catastrophe hazards. The simulation is done in Qualnet 5.0 network simulator.
Page(s) : 789-795
ISSN : 0976-5166
Source : Vol. 3, No.6