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Feb 2020 - Volume 11, Issue 1
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Feb 2020 - Volume 11, Issue 1
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Title : Automated GUI Test Cases Generation with Optimization Algorithm using a Model Driven Approach
Authors : Prabhu.J, Dr.N.Malmurugan
Keywords : Software testing, Fault detection, Test oracle, BCO algorithm, Optimization.
Issue Date : Oct-Nov 2013
Abstract :
The Automated GUI testing improves the Performance of GUI application with the design frameworks across different projects ,products and Automated testing tools which can assist Software developer, The feasibility Study of the GUI application are complex to make simpler test suite are generated based on the budget constraints using regression testing. Software tester and business consultant to solve the above problem. We propose, the writing the oracle is time-consuming factor that, moreover in manual testing in most cases and comparing of expected output and its comparison with the actual output using Model driven approach with the Bee Colony Optimization algorithm for the fault detection in test suite. The quality of the proposed oracle was measured by assessing its accuracy, precision, misclassification error and practicality. In the natural bee colony, there are of two types of worker bees; Forward bees and Reverse bees, who are responsible for the development and maintenance of the colony. The BCO algorithm developed for the fault coverage regression test suite is based on the behavior of these two bees.
Page(s) : 338-343
ISSN : 0976-5166
Source : Vol. 4, No.5