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Title : Application of Pre-processing and Segmentation Methods on Cardiac MR Images
Authors : G. N. Beena Bethel, Prof. T. V. Rajinikanth, Prof. S. Viswanadha Raju
Keywords : Heart images; Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging; segmentation methods; noise filtering; threshold; watershed.
Issue Date : Jun - Jul 2017
Abstract :
Cardiac MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), is a non-invasive technique in the field of medical imaging technology for assessing the heart function and also to diagnose and analyse the morphological features of the cardiovascular system of a human heart. It gives a clear picture of heartís chambers and valves, without the patient having to undergo cardiac catheterization for most cases. Analysing the functionality of heart and diagnosing its varieties of ailments at the right time without causing any punctures is a challenge in todayís medical community. Locating the exact region of ailment or interest, especially in a sensitive organ such as heart is quite cumbersome even with the help of imaging techniques. Application of Image pre-processing techniques to reduce noise in the heart MRI images apart from enhancement of the MRI images and further followed by segmentation methods in order to locate the problem area in the heart will be a boon to the Cardiologist / Cardio Surgeon to carry out better diagnosis. The objective of this paper is to find a better filtering technique and a segmentation method which would help fast and accurate tracing of the portion of the heart ailment in a better manner with more clarity.
Page(s) : 210-217
ISSN : 0976-5166
Source : Vol. 8, No.3