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Title : Automatic railroad level crossing systems using AGM technologies
Authors : M.Babylatha, K.Pranitha , P.Jhansidevi, T.Shilpa
Keywords : Solar System; AGM; Microcontroller System
Issue Date : Oct-Nov 2017
Abstract :
Indian Railway system is a long network. It covers many rural and forest areas. There may be lack of power supply and manpower. Hence many accidents occur in level crossing, not only for the human beings as well as for animals. To improve the safety, we are designing a system that automatically open and close the gate in the level crossing. In this we proposed a solar system with AGM technology Batteries for power generation for operating the whole system, using the power of embedded system that will be achieved. Using this microcontroller system we can save the time of road users instead of waiting longtime beside the railway gate. This system simply uses sensors, 8051microcontroller, stepper motor and solar panels with AGM technology batteries for storing the solar energy. This system is not only for rural areas and is well suited for countryside also.
Page(s) : 557-563
ISSN : 0976-5166
Source : Vol. 8, No.5