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Title : Survey of Patients with Cancer in Jammu and Kashmir: Based on Hospital Registry Records
Authors : Khair Ul Nisa, Rajeev Kumar
Keywords : Cancer, Clinical decision support system, Leukemia, Tamoxifen
Issue Date : Dec 2017-Jan 2018
Abstract :
Cancer is the leading cause of death among patients in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). The objective of this study was to estimate the number of cancer patients receiving treatment at four prospective hospitals in J&K. The data were obtained from the hospital-based records from Government Medical College (GMC) Hospital Jammu, Acharya Shri Chander College of Medical Sciences and Hospital (ASCOMS) Jammu, Sher-i- Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) Srinagar, and Government Medical College (GMC) Hospital, Srinagar, which was scrutinized and analysed. Methods: In this retrospective record review study, the hospital registry entry was regarded suitable for assessing the cancer cases in the J&K. Results: The data comprised of 6,359 patients who had been diagnosed of various cancer conditions between Jan 2016 and Jan 2017, and obtained treatment from the hospitals. Out of all the cancer patients, men were 4038 (63.5%), and women were 2321 (36.5%). In these hospitals, cancers pertaining to the stomach-1551 (24.4%), lung-1498 (23.6%), esophagus and gastroesophageal (GE) junction-872 (13.7%), colorectal-564 (8.9%), lymphomas-41 (26.5%), skin-191 (3.0%), laryngopharynx-165 (2.6%), acute leukemias-230 (3.6%), prostate-94 (1.5%), brain-154 (2.4%), ovary-258 (4.1%), breast-234 (3.7%), gall bladder-136 (2.1%) were the leading sites in order. The lung cancer, throat cancer, stomach cancer and lymphoma were found dominant among males, while in females it was cervical cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer and lung cancer. Conclusion: The overall incidence of cancer in J&K is on the increase. Cancers of esophagus, stomach and lungs have a high incidence both in men and women in J&K. Future studies on environmental, physiological and genetic factors in relation to these cancers may improve our understanding these malignancies in this state. This will help in the development of better prevention and treatment strategies against these cancers.
Page(s) : 655-665
ISSN : 0976-5166
Source : Vol. 8, No.6