Call for Papers 2024

Feb 2024 - Volume 15, Issue 1
Deadline: 15 Jan 2024
Publication: 20 Feb 2024

Apr 2024 - Volume 15, Issue 2
Deadline: 15 Mar 2024
Publication: 20 Apr 2024




Title : Evaluation of Video Transmission over Wireless Network with CLD Approach
Authors : Sake MADHU, Dr. M. BAL RAJU, Dr. P. CHENNA REDDY
Keywords : Wireless networks; video transmission; cross layer design; PHY layer; MAC layer.
Issue Date : Dec 2017-Jan 2018
Abstract :
Wireless networks are widely used in the real world. Due to technology innovations in wireless networks, wireless devices are able to participate in multimedia content transmission. Every wireless device can act as transmitter and receiver of video content. However, there are many issues with video transmission over wireless networks. The reasons are due to mobility of devices and resource constrained nature. There are many layers in OSI reference model. By using enhanced layered approach it is possible to improve video transmission. However, joint optimization of different layers can help in increasing performance of video transmission further. This is the motivation behind the cross layer design (CLD) approaches. In this paper, we proposed a CLD that considers two layers namely the PHY layer and the MAC layer. In PHY layer Scalable Video Coding (SVC) is employed in PHY layer in order to adapt to required transmission rates and based on the dynamic capacity assignment is made to other layer, the MAC layer. We made simulations using NS2 to demonstrate proof of the concept. The results of experiments revealed the utility of the proposed CLD approach. Performance of the proposed CLD is compared with basic video transmission approach in terms of latency, throughput, delay and PSNR.
Page(s) : 666-673
ISSN : 0976-5166
Source : Vol. 8, No.6