Call for Papers 2024

Feb 2024 - Volume 15, Issue 1
Deadline: 15 Jan 2024
Publication: 20 Feb 2024

Apr 2024 - Volume 15, Issue 2
Deadline: 15 Mar 2024
Publication: 20 Apr 2024




Title : A Resilient and Scalable novel Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks -Maximum Energy Clustering (MEC)
Authors : Abhinav Garg, Dr. Manisha Jailia
Keywords : IoT (Internet of Things), Redundancy, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN’s), Energy Efficiency, Clustering, Heterogeneous networks, Network Lifetime.
Issue Date : Nov-Dec 2020
Abstract :
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) refer to a collection of innumerous sensing de-vices and actuators that form a network to sense the environment or physical conditions and relay the information back to the base station. When the network size grows, clustering becomes intrinsic for the network and many clustering protocols have been studied so far but it is observed that they follow a probabilistic CH election process that gives rise to uncertainties in the algorithm like variable cluster size, uneven node degree of the CHs etc. Here a resilient and scalable novel protocol Maximum Energy Clustering Protocol (MEC) is proposed for the WSN which takes a deterministic route to find CH nodes and optimal number of CHs in a round, rather than probabilistic approach followed by its counterparts. Results are compared to a well-known protocol DEEC (Distributed energy efficient clustering) and it is examined that Maximum Energy Clustering Protocol (MEC) outperforms DEEC as it follows a fair CH election process. MEC is able to attain a significant reduction in network traffic besides utilizing the network to its fullest capacity. Results show that Maximum Energy Clustering Protocol (MEC) outperforms its predecessor DEEC in terms of energy efficiency, life span of network and controlling intra cluster traffic in the network.
Page(s) : 859-870
ISSN : 0976-5166
Source : Vol. 11, No.6
PDF : Download
DOI : 10.21817/indjcse/2020/v11i6/201106190